You´ve got inspiring ideas, a strong sense of purpose, yet don´t act on your ideas? Life is too short to simply wait.
Unleash your limits if for you if you are ready to turn your dreams into reality.

Unleash your limits

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Is this you?

– You want to start your own business, launch your own program, write a book, or start your own podcast. Whatever it is, you don´t feel ready yet. 

– You´re afraid to grow and step into your zone of genius. Because who are you to do so…?

– You doubt that you have the right talents, skills and knowledge and therefore constantly feel the need to learn more, accomplish more, get another certification, and simply don´t take action.

You´ve got great ideas, you feel a strong sense of purpose. However, you don´t act on your ideas. 


No matter what it is, you feel that you first need to GAIN x before you can start DOING Z. 

How can I help you

I am here to help you take your own leadership. Because what you need to gain is an action plan, trust, and confidence, so you can start taking action, today. 

That’s right, there is nothing more you need to add to you. It is time to connect with your highest self. To start seeing yourself for who you really are. It’s time to trust yourself and take leadership. 

About your coach

Hi there! My name is Elles Ottens. Besides being a cappuccino lover yep, you guessed it right, oat milk cappuccino 😉 -and Life enjoyer, I am an International Fashion model, TEDx speaker, Certified Life Coach, NLP practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist & RTT (rapid transformational therapy) Therapist.  

Nothing enthralls me more than seeing other women take their own stage, feeling confident in their own skin and just really GOING for it!

I am here to help you take leadership of your life and start DOING.

That’s it –  it’s time to live up to your full potential! Because the world will be a better place when you do so. And most importantly, you deserve to unlock your highest self.


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