Change your life by upgrading your beliefs! Listen to true life-changing self hypnosis from the comfort of your own home. Download your free self-hypnosis audio for a healthy body image here!

Level up your life

Through self-hypnosis

Elles Ottens Rapid transformational therapist RTT therapist Empowerment coach

Why self-hypnosis?

Neuroscience shows that 95 percent of everything you think, do and feel stems from your subconscious mind. In other words, almost everything you do happens without your conscious awareness. Sounds crazy isn’t it? Your brain is running on autopilot so to speak, so it can save energy. And hey, this is all fine, but only if this autopilot is SERVING YOU, instead of working against you. The problem is though that many, many times this isn’t the case. We form beliefs about ourselves in our childhood and hold onto these beliefs throughout the course of our whole LIVES! Mostly not even being aware of what those beliefs actually are..

But what if YOU at home could train your own subconscious mind, to upgrade your beliefs, in turn allowing your subconscious mind to work FOR you. That’s right, to overwrite negative and limiting beliefs with new empowering ones that actually serve you. This is what hypnosis is all about.

Self hypnosis is for you if you want to:

– Gain more confidence in your own abilities 
– Improve your public speaking skills
– Break through limiting beliefs
– Overcome procrastination and gain motivation

And many more things…

You have the ability to improve any area of your life. And I have designed custom-made hypnosis audios to help you overcome these challenging issues.
In short: self-hypnosis is for you if you want to upgrade your beliefs and rewire your mind for success.

confidence self-hypnosis RTT rapid transformational therapy

Hi! My name is Elles Ottens.

I am an International model, TEDx speaker, certified life coach, hypnotherapist and RTT (rapid transformational therapy) therapist.

Elles Ottens Rapid transformational therapist RTT therapist Empowerment coach self-hypnosis hypnotherapist hypnosis high performance

Life changing results

Having been trained by Marisa Peer, named Britain’s best therapist, I learned the most effective techniques of hypnosis and Rapid Transformational Therapy. After seeing how quickly this method transformed people’s lives, I set my mind to helping others on a larger scale. 

I decided to create my own hypnosis audios. Seeing how my clients transform their way of thinking in merely 3 weeks by listening to these audios, excites every cell of my body! Experience it for yourself, download the ‘healthy body-image audio, for women’ for free below

Healthy body image

If the way we feel about ourselves depends on how we look, fashion models would be the most confident women in the world, right? Working in the fashion industry for 7 years (and counting), I have seen first-hand  how many women’s self-worth is linked to the way they view their appearance. Seeing how beautiful women obsess about the way they look and constantly feel insufficient, motivates me to step in and make a lasting difference.

It is my mission to make women feel good about their bodies again. When you feel good about your body, you will directly and indirectly influence other women around you. Together we can make a difference, a movement. I know that I have certainly struggled with body-image issues. Having felt either  too big or too skinny, even though it was a matter of 4 kilos in between… made me understand that the way we feel about ourselves, is all about the words we let in from others and the way that we speak to ourselves.

Let’s take back our power by training our minds to automatically speak lovingly and warmly about AND towards ourselves. As this is a topic close to my heart, I decided to give away this audio to you for free. Make sure to forward this to any friend you feel could benefit from  it. And let’s be honest, can’t all women use a boost in self-confidence?!

Sending you love and light. Know that you know that you are enough, just the way you are.

Elles Ottens Rapid transformational therapist RTT therapist Empowerment coach self-hypnosis hypnotherapist hypnosis high performance

Create a healthy body-image

Through self-hypnosis

Self-hypnosis audios

For high performance


Listen to it for a minimum of 3 weeks to see wonderful results.

Hypnosis directly influences your subconscious mind. 95 percent of everything we think, do and feel stems from our so to speak formed blueprint. This blueprint is formed in the early stages of childhood. The blueprint exists of the thoughts, behaviors and actions we learned from our parents, teachers, our experiences and society in general. Even though those beliefs and behaviors don’t serve us anymore, they stay with us if we don’t consciously work on it.

Hypnosis is the fastrack to influence your subconscious mind. It brings you in a different brainwave state, which allows your subconscious mind to take in new empowering beliefs easily. After listening to your audio for several weeks, you override your old limiting thought patterns with new empowering thought patterns. Behavioral change all starts with changing your thoughts. Through hypnosis you change your thought patterns, beliefs and therefore your actions.

Elles Ottens Rapid transformational therapist RTT therapist Empowerment coach

Learn to love your body

Through self-hypnosis

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