Elevate self-confidence


From feeling like you are not enough to feeling comfortable in your own skin, and confident in your own abilities.

Indulge in a profound inner journey—a gift to yourself. This audio is for those ready to exert a little extra effort, those truly wanting to pamper themselves. It delves into a deeper layer, the realm of self-love.

Unlock the power of your past with our Inner Child Healing audio. By revisiting your early years, you can rewrite old beliefs and shed insecurities, paving the way for newfound strength and resilience. It’s time to break free from the chains of your past and embrace a brighter future.

A New Approach: Self-Hypnosis and sonic quantum energy
Infused with sonic quantum energy, these audios aid deep relaxation and guide you effortlessly into the theta state—a state of being where suggestions are easily absorbed.

Healing the inner child: Returning to the source
The audio focused on healing the inner child includes a regression component. Most hypnosis audios solely focus on the future and provide suggestions (affirmations) to the subconscious. However, revisiting the past is incredibly potent.

Why? As a child (between ages two and six), you mainly operate in the theta state. In this state, you absorb suggestions and beliefs from your environment easily, often carrying them for years or even decades without awareness. By visualizing your younger self, you can instill new, healthy beliefs, shedding old limiting thought patterns and reclaiming your power. It helps you unlearn past insecurities and limitations. This, combined with the second audio focusing more on the future, is exceptionally powerful.

With consistent practice, you’ll experience profound changes in your mindset and behavior, unlocking the door to your fullest potential.

Note: If you are suffering from severe trauma or ptsd, are epileptic, suffer from a psychotic illness, including multiple personality or bi-polar disorder, this self-hypnosis audio is not suitable for you. If in doubt, please contact your doctor first.


Frederique Founder of Spring studio
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´This session really opens new doors and gives you insights to the questions that are often right in front of you´
Antea Grabovacantea
Antea GrabovacanteaInternational Fashion model
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I am very grateful I have experienced this session during a turning point in my life, because it filled me with clarity and made me less anxious about my next step.
Maria Ciaccio
Maria CiaccioTherapist
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I went from zero self-belief & motivation to literally networking & planning my business idea straight away. Amazing & insightful session both personally & professionally.


Listen to it for a minimum of 3 weeks to see wonderful results.

Hypnosis directly influences your subconscious mind. 95 percent of everything we think, do and feel stems from our so to speak formed blueprint. This blueprint is formed in the early stages of childhood. The blueprint exists of the thoughts, behaviors and actions we learned from our parents, teachers, our experiences and society in general. Even though those beliefs and behaviors don’t serve us anymore, they stay with us if we don’t consciously work on it.

Hypnosis is the fastrack to influence your subconscious mind. It brings you in a different brainwave state, which allows your subconscious mind to take in new empowering beliefs easily. After listening to your audio for several weeks, you override your old limiting thought patterns with new empowering thought patterns. Behavioral change all starts with changing your thoughts. Through hypnosis you change your thought patterns, beliefs and therefore your actions.

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