What clients say about their experience with Elles


International fashion model, Co-founder of @missambitiousofficial and Harvard student


International fashion model, and racing team coordinator at Ward racing


International fashion model, personal trainer and nutrition coach


I received from other clients


‘When you want to go: beyond the limits with a more serene mind and use your real power to improve step by step every area of your life, go to the sweetest Elles for professional help and get the best tools from the best coach!’

Gökcen – Turkey


‘Elles is a marvellous coach, who has an adorable idealism to help people and make their lives better. She takes care everything about you very seriously and she does her job with a very high discipline. She follows the program perfectly and never forgets what you have spoken previously. When you feel good she feels good as she can feel your soul and encourages you to be better. She has a huge wealth of knowledge and she is real professional in coaching. If you are looking for who can perfectly understand you and help you, Elles is the right person. In the age of ambitions and greed, she is like a safe harbour to stop and feel safe. Elles is one of the most trustworthy people I have ever seen in my life and I am sure that she will always have the fruits of her good hearth. Never hesitate to contact her and never feel shy.’



‘I had a wonderful online experience with Elles. We did a great session on my fear of public speaking which I needed to overcome. Elles is a very talented therapist and because she is used to put herself in front of a public it was really helpful in this process. She prepared thoroughly for the session. She has a firm but soothing voice, which for me was very important especially in the recording she prepared for me. I loved listening to the recording, and I know it helped me a lot. I have given my first workshop already and I felt really calm and relaxed.’
Thanks you Elles

Fieke – Netherlands


‘I just hope you knew you transformed my life in so many ways & I’m eternally grateful for that! Really I was at a very low point when we had our call and now I couldn’t be higher!!’


‘I am listening to my personalized hypnosis audio every day. It makes me feel soooooo good, gives such a positive state of mind for the day and reminds me of my values and goals’


‘For someone so young you have such depth of knowledge, such love to share, such ability to make another human feel special, so cared for and happy. I can only see you achieving unlimited success as a happy woman and great therapist. You have brought sunshine into my life and managed to access places that very few people have. That takes real talent and a genuine desire to help people. Thank you, thank you!’


‘I hope you know what an incredible impact you’ve had on my life form last summer onwards. I’m very very grateful for everything. I can’t believe I never met you but you’ve been such an inspirational role model and played a huge role in my life!!’


‘Hi Elles, This is my 21st day listening to the audio. I can truly say that my mindset has completely changed. Right now, I see things more positive and am sure that everything is happening exactly the way it should happen! Also I guess I have never been this motivated and confident in my abilities. I can’t thank you enough for helping me get over my negative and depressive thoughts and feelings. I am very very glad to meet you!’


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