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International fashion model, Co-founder of @missambitiousofficial and Harvard student


International fashion model, and racing team coordinator at Ward racing


International fashion model, personal trainer and nutrition coach

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I tend to often overload myself with work. Therefore the topic that Elles helped me with is decision making & setting priorities. Through the hypnosis session she helped me understand what beliefs from the past has led to having this tendency of overloading myself.

I am so grateful Elles helped me out! I can only say to everyone, try this out, because it helped me a lot to focus on my goals & prioritize what is important. Because of this I even created a new working system that helps me focus and prioritize on what is important. I would say; mission complete!´

Maxim M. International Model & Entrepreneur



I had a self hypnosis session for fear of Public Speaking with Elles. It was truly amazing and helped me moved past the limiting beliefs I had about myself in my capabilities as a speaker. I’ve been listening to it every morning since our session and it instantly puts me in a perfect mood for the day.

Her voice is very soothing and clear and reminds you of your strengths and your purpose in a very loving and warm way. Instead of feeling fearful before any kind of public speaking I now feel excited knowing that I have an important message to share. Elles is also a truly wonderful person and I’m so thankful that I have gotten the opportunity to work with her

If you are struggling with public speaking she can definitely help you feel confident in yourself and your abilities. Thank you Elles!!´


Josefine A. Creative Consultant & Certified Life coach



Elles is an amazing Therapist and wonderful human being! She is kind hearted, doesn´t judge and really makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I would recommend anyone to work with her.
Because she was so kind and understanding, it was so easy to open up to her. However passtionate I am about my business I still struggeled to put myself and my business out there. Elles helped me change that by taking me back to the root cause of my insecurities. She has enabled me to continue to build on my dreams and I´m very grateful for that!


Mary H. Therapist





                             Other messages I received


‘I hope you know what an incredible impact you’ve had on my life form last summer onwards. I’m very very grateful for everything. I can’t believe I never met you but you’ve been such an inspirational role model and played a huge role in my life!!’


‘Hi Elles, This is my 21st day listening to the audio. I can truly say that my mindset has completely changed. Right now, I see things more positive and am sure that everything is happening exactly the way it should happen! Also I guess I have never been this motivated and confident in my abilities. I can’t thank you enough for helping me get over my negative thoughts and feelings. I am very very glad to meet you!’


‘For someone so young you have such depth of knowledge, such love to share, such ability to make another human feel special, so cared for and happy. I can only see you achieving unlimited success as a happy woman and great therapist. You have brought sunshine into my life and managed to access places that very few people have. That takes real talent and a genuine desire to help people. Thank you, thank you!’

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