The Next Level Program

For ambitious women ready for the next level.

Imagine the most confident version of you. What does she do? Does she speak on stage? Does she have her own podcast? Is she writing her own book? Take a minute to truly think about it.
The Next Level Program is designed to take leadership of your own life, trusting your path and taking the next step.

Are you ready for the next level?

Is this you?

You are a hardworking, ambitious woman.
You have big dreams, but something somehow slows down your progress.

Elles Ottens Rapid transformational therapist RTT therapist Empowerment coach

What your issues might look like:

– You work way too many hours but somehow don’t see the results. You seem to not be able to Focus. You keep yourself busy with unimportant tasks. 
– You want to become a (better) Public Speaker but don´t believe your story (telling) is interesting enough.
– You´re a coach. You want to sell your coaching services to high end clients but (sorry to say) you SUCK at sales.
– You want to write a book, start your own podcast, launch a program, but you don’t feel ready yet.
– You want to scale up your business but something holds you back.
– You´re afraid to grow and go to the next level. Because who are you to do so…?

No matter what it is, you feel that you first need to GAIN x before you can start DOING Z.

You feel like you are not ready for the next level yet.. Like the circumstances are just not right yet..

I am here to help you take your own leadership. Because what you need to gain is more trust, confidence and empowering beliefs on a subconscious level, so you can take the right actions. 

That’s right, there is nothing more you need to add to you. It is time to connect with your highest self. To start seeing yourself for who you really are. It’s time to trust yourself and take leadership. 


– Where your business could be if you would feel safe and confident to scale up. Imagine how many people you would be able to reach, how big your impact could be…
– How it would feel if you’d scale up your business, if you’ d dare to delegate tasks, be financially liberated and have more free time… Imagine what you would do with that free time. 
– How many people could you help, if you would finally start that podcast or write that book… What the ripple effect on the world it could have… Truly, imagine it. 
– What a difference it would make for your business if you would truly believe that you are enough and that you are worthy of going to the next level.
– If you´d align more with your values, your mission. Connect to your intuition and make decisions from a place of love and trust.

Elles Ottens Rapid transformational therapist RTT therapist Empowerment coach self-hypnosis hypnotherapist hypnosis high performance

This is all possible!

By application only, space is limited. Apply for the waitinglist to work together in January!

Elles Ottens Rapid transformational therapist RTT therapist Empowerment coach

Hi, my name is Elles Ottens

Besides being a cappuccino lover yep, you guessed it right, oat milk cappuccino 😉 -and Life enjoyer, I am an International Fashion model, TEDx speaker, Certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist & RTT (rapid transformational therapy) Therapist.  

Nothing enthralls me more than seeing other women take their own stage, feeling confident in their own skin and just really GOING for it!

Having held back myself for a long time, I know firsthand how painful and frustrating it feels to put in all the work, the hours, the energy, but not seeing the results you wish to see.

I am here to help you pull that potential out of you. That’s it –  it’s time to live up to your full potential! Because the world will be a better place when you do so. And most importantly, you deserve to unlock your highest self.


How working on my subconscious beliefs enabled me level up my career DRASTICALLY.

Six years ago, I got an email from my agency in Milan, telling me I got invited for a casting for Dolce & Gabbana! Being invited to a casting for Dolce & Gabbana excited me, but at the same time felt like a big waste of time. 

Thoughts like “I am not confident enough, I am not beautiful enough, this job is above my level” immediately started popping up. 

Not even being aware of how deeply I was sabotaging myself… I went to the casting, and guess what. Surprise surprise, Of course I didn’t get the job!

 Because if I didn’t believe I was worthy of that job, how could the casting director ever possibly believe it, right?

Elles Ottens Rapid transformational therapist RTT therapist Empowerment coach self-hypnosis hypnotherapist hypnosis high performance


Winter 2015, I went to Milan again, and again I had a casting for Dolce & Gabbana.

I knew that if I wanted to get this job and if I wanted to see real results in my life, something had to change. 

I saw that I kept having these great opportunities, but somehow I wasn’t able to use them to the best of my ability. 

I finally understood that if I wanted to live up to my fullest potential, I had to change what I believed to be true about myself and what I was capable of.

 Yup, you´re guessing it right, I had to change my subconscious beliefs.

So here is what I did: I visualized,I meditated, I practised gratitude, I did daily affirmations. 

In short, I did the inner work.

 And guess what, I got the job! And of course I happily celebrated with a glass of bubbly champagne 😉

elle ottens for dolce gabbana show

Wait for it, because there is more. Time to get a cup of coffee or tea. Sure, wine is fine too;) and read further!

So here the story continues. Last year, 2020. After enjoying a beautiful sunny holiday in Como with my Boyfriend, I went to Milan to see my modeling agency. I asked my agency if I could meet again with the casting director from Dolce & Gabbana. Guess what, turns out that they were having a fashion show that week…

After having done even more innerwork; read energy work & hypnosis sessions, I knew this was my time. I was hungry and craving for more. I was READY for the opportunity.

This time I didn´t only want to be the showgirl, I wanted to be their campaign girl, too. I went to the casting, walked for them and then almost slipped out of their beautiful shoes. Whoops! Did they see it? I am not sure.. However, because I didn’t care, they didn’t seem to care either… Because yup, I booked the show AND the Campaign. I finally was able to take my own stage. 

It really blew my mind. I realized that the way we view ourselves is so important. It influences your body posture, confidence, your actions and therefore the way other people see you. So YES, change your thoughts, change your energy, change your actions and you will see totally different results.

I am not saying that every time you believe you can do something, it will happen. You need to put in the effort; mentally and physically. However, working on your negative thought patterns and working on your self-esteem definitely will give you different results. 

Easy peasy right? Here is the problem though..

Neuroscience shows that 95 percent of everything you think, do and feel stems from your subconscious mind. In other words, almost everything you do happens without your conscious awareness. Your subconscious mind simply follows an old outdated blueprint. This often results in us sabotaging ourselves and our success without even realizing it. 

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it ?

Your brain is running on autopilot so to speak, so it can save energy. And hey, this is all fine, but only if this autopilot is SERVING YOU, instead of working against you.

The problem, however, is that many, many times this isn’t the case. We form beliefs about ourselves in our childhood and hold onto these beliefs for sometimes as long as our whole LIVES!

But, what if YOU could find out what beliefs are sabotaging you on a subconscious level and therefore grow rapidly. That’s right, both personally as well as business wise.

What if you could understand where your limiting thought patterns and actions are stemming from and could pluck these out.

That’s it, there is a way to find out what is truly blocking you. To find out what beliefs certain memories gave you and held you back for a long, long time… And attach new beliefs to those events. 

Because in the end, it is not the event that hurts you or make you feel incapable, it is the meaning you attached to those events when you were  young that is holding you back. 

Yes, you´re guessing it right, even seemingly insignificant events can hold us back for years, if not, decades! 

I am here to help you get rid of blocks and make space in your subconscious mind for new empowering beliefs. That’s it, empowering, healthy beliefs that help you go to the next level. 

Because YES, there is a way to break out of our own outdated, limiting blueprint. Or should I say there is a way up? Because the Next level program is all about leveling up your game and living the life you deserve to live

Elles Ottens Rapid transformational therapist RTT therapist Empowerment coach self-hypnosis hypnotherapist hypnosis high performance

What is the NEXT level program like and what can it do for you

The Next Level Program is designed to take leadership of your own life, trusting your path and taking the next step. This program helps you get more in touch with yourself. 

This program helps you build your own path, and not take that next step because it is everyone else’s step, or the path you believe you ´should take´ or just because it’s been proven successful. No, I want you to feel aligned with your next step. I want it to fuel your heart and soul and feel right for you.

It’s time to connect more to your intuition and go for YOUR next step. The funny thing is that deep inside, we know what is the right thing to do. But, put subconscious limiting beliefs and comparison in one room, and guess what happens, it disconnects you from your intuition.

In this program, we will dive DEEP. We´ll work on a conscious level as well as subconscious level.

We set a vision for you. Make a roadmap. See what the NEXT LEVEL means for you. I´ll help you set realistic and empowering goals while at the same time taking action. And oh yeah, you can expect me to give you a friendly kick in the ass whenever I feel that you need one! 

We will also work on a deeper level, to remove subconscious blocks.
The technique I use for this is called Rapid Transformational Therapy.

´Rapid Transformational uhhh what?´

Elles Ottens Rapid transformational therapist RTT therapist Empowerment coach self-hypnosis hypnotherapist hypnosis high performance

Rapid Transformational Therapy is an award winning Therapy developed by the renowned celebrity therapist, Marisa Peer.

It is a combination of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Psychotherapy. It is a new revolutionary method that enables you to access your subconscious mind.

RTT helps you find out the root cause of why you´re not excelling the way you wish to, and to upgrade limiting subconscious beliefs that no longer serve you. These can be beliefs that have held you back for -no joke- over 20 years! That’s right, many times without even being aware of it.

RTT can help you to (but are not limited to):

-Unlock motivation
-Increase self love & self confidence
-Increase public speaking skills
-Develop a healthy money mindset
-Work in a focused way
-Overcome fears and anxieties

In short, through RTT I help you find out what holds you back on a subconscious level. We´ll dive deep, really deep. Afterwards I will send you a personalized hypnosis audio AND provide you little tools that you can use in your everyday life to level up your performance.

Elles Ottens Rapid transformational therapist RTT therapist Empowerment coach self-hypnosis hypnotherapist hypnosis high performance

What do you practically get?

Vision setting session. (1 hour) During this call we will create a vision and roadmap for your next level.
2 Deep Dive RTT Sessions (2 hours)
In this session we will find out what beliefs hold you back on a subconscious level, and where you picked them up. A small event that seems meaningless, that happened during your childhood, could have caused a big fear later on in your adult life, without you even realising. Together we will upgrade those limiting outdated subconscious beliefs. See it as a beautiful software update for your subconscious mind;) Have you ever wondered why some people believe in themselves more, while some believe less? The answer lies in your subconscious mind.
2 Personalized, comprehensive hypnosis audio to listen to for 3 weeks. To upgrade your beliefs.
2 follow up coaching sessions of 45 minutes to keep up with your action plan and provide you with extra tools to improve your performance. 

Divided over 3 months.

What to expect:

– Release limiting beliefs, self-doubt, fears or emotional patterns, and blocks.
– Overcome what holds you back and build confidence in your abilities so you can reach that next level. 
– Experience rapid growth in your career or business.

Your investment:

€2995-, (excl. tax)

You can also pay in 3 terms of €999-,

confidence self-hypnosis RTT rapid transformational therapy

What clients say about their experience with Elles


First of all, congratulations. I respect you for doing the innerwork and committing to understanding yourself on a deeper level! However, knowing something and truly feeling something is completely different. In our sessions, I don’t only enable you to understand what is holding you back on a deeper level. I also help you work through those limiting beliefs, so you start to truly feel different and think in a new way. Here is where your personal self-hypnosis audio together with the other tools I provide you will come in handy. To rewire and recode your mind with new and empowering beliefs, so you can finally take that next step.

I know how you feel. Last year I made quite a lot of BIG investments in myself and even though I knew the money would come back to me, the moment of purchasing the investment felt scary. But, one thing I can tell you is that I am so grateful I made those investments! To be honest, I am not sure where I would be now if I wouldn’t have made those investments..

Just think about how much money and time you could save if you’d grow rapidly. And let´s be honest, If you´d fully go for that next step in your life, you get your return on investment in no time!

Think about mastering that one skill that would improve your career or business DRASTICALLY. Think about that one skill that could help you go to the next level in your business… What would that be?

 I am here to help you feel confident in that skill. So you can start to take action from a place of love, trust and joy, instead of feeling like you are not ready or you´re not good enough.

Think about (but not limited too) dramatically increase public speaking skills, money mindset, focus, stop procrastination,

You are always in full control. All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis. Hypnosis is a very natural state. In fact, every day you reside in states of hypnosis. Think of hypnosis as a trance state in which you are fully in the moment, like when you are riding a bike, driving a car or are glued to your laptop because you´re binge watching your favorite netflix series. 

This trance state allows you to take in affirmations and suggestions fast, and therefore upgrade thought patterns and beliefs. That’s right, so it can influence your actions and behaviours in a positive way, and therefore change your life.

For sure! You can pay in 3 terms, divided over 3 months.

Other reviews and messages

I received from other clients



´I had an incredible session with Elles. The hypnosis helped me understand myself more and what kind of person I am. After listening to the audio I actually re-opened my online store. 

This therefore shows that the audio and hypnosis actually works, if you also put the work in it. I´d recommend Elles to people who have a lack of self-belief because after our session my self-belief grew massively. 

Elles I am eternally grateful for meeting you and you have impacted my life so much even though we have never met in person.´


Zara B. Influencer & founder of 
L´unique store



I tend to often overload myself with work. Therefore the topic that Elles helped me with is decision making & setting priorities. Through the hypnosis session she helped me understand what beliefs from the past has led to having this tendency of overloading myself.

I am so grateful Elles helped me out! I can only say to everyone, try this out, because it helped me a lot to focus on my goals & prioritize what is important. Because of this I even created a new working system that helps me focus and prioritize on what is important. I would say; mission complete!´

unnamed file

Maxim Sachraj
Model coach & Entrepeneur



I had a self hypnosis session for fear of Public Speaking with Elles. It was truly amazing and helped me moved past the limiting beliefs I had about myself in my capabilities as a speaker. I’ve been listening to it every morning since our session and it instantly puts me in a perfect mood for the day.

Her voice is very soothing and clear and reminds you of your strengths and your purpose in a very loving and warm way. Instead of feeling fearful before any kind of public speaking I now feel excited knowing that I have an important message to share. Elles is also a truly wonderful person and I’m so thankful that I have gotten the opportunity to work with her.

unnamed file

Josefine A. Creative Consultant & Certified Life coach

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