Transformation Program

A transformation program not just for models, role models.

This is the sign you have been waiting for. In this transformation program I will help you find clarity, break through your limiting beliefs and create an actionlist so you know exactly where to start and what to do to build up your own dream business / create your own dream career.

Only 1 spot left (last update 15th of December)

Elles Ottens Rapid transformational therapist RTT therapist Empowerment coach

Is this you?

– You want to start making a transition (or at least partly), but not knowing in which direction makes you feel restless. 
– Knowing that you’re not living up to your fullest potential frustrates you. 
– You are ready to make a change but you are not sure where to start, so you keep procrastinating.
– Deep inside you know that you are full of ambition and would like to use that power, but somehow you don’t know how to tap into that ambition.
– Perhaps you already know what you want to do, but you don’t feel fully confident in your own abilities and therefore never start making a transition.

I have been where you are right now

I know how you feel. I felt the same, some time ago. But what if I told you that you no longer need to feel this way. What if I told you that you no longer need to keep searching? What if I told you, that this restless feeling deep inside of you doesn’t need to continue for months or even years. There is a way out. However, if YOU don’t take a step, things won’t change. Guess where you will be a few years from now on if you don’t take action… I have seen many girls who have stayed in the modeling industry for a way too long time. Not really being able to enjoy the work anymore, but feeling too scared or uncomfortable to take a leap into the unknown. Time goes by, nothing changes. The sad thing is it is easy to see that after working for several years, many models aren’t happy with the place they are at anymore, but they also don’t dare to take certain steps. This doesn’t need to be you…

Imagine how you would feel if...

– You would find clarity and finally started doing what you love.
– You would overcome your limiting beliefs & gain confidence in your abilities.
– You would stop procrastinating on your dreams & finally started to take action.
– You would wake up feeling motivated to actually do the work.
– You would do something you love & with purpose
– You would learn how to create a structured schedule & actually stick to it.
– You would learn how to work in a productive way and really get things done. 
– You knew you were building up a meaningful business / movement.

confidence self-hypnosis RTT rapid transformational therapy

This is all possible!

By application only, space is limited.

Elles Ottens Rapid transformational therapist RTT therapist Empowerment coach self-hypnosis hypnotherapist hypnosis high performance

Hi, my name is Elles Ottens

I am an international model, TEDx speaker, certified life coach, Hypnotherapist & RTT (rapid transformational therapy) therapist.  

7 years ago I started my modeling career. Wooh, what a ride it has been! Although I always knew I was very fortunate to have the ability to work as a model, I deeply felt that I could do more, and that I WANTED to do more. I wanted to do something meaningful, I wanted to add value to the world. 

As much as I enjoy modelling, I’ve always been far too curious to be able to focus only on that. I grew up interested in Psychology, personal development and growth. However much I loved these subjects, for a long time, the title of “model” appealed much more. It soothed my ego to know that I could live life working in this industry. It was exciting. It was fulfilling… until it wasn’t and I could feel the urge to dive deeper into other areas getting stronger. 

There were so many directions and interests that I wanted to explore further, but I carried limiting beliefs that made staying within my current industry feel safer than transitioning into something that gave me more purpose, fulfillment and happiness. On top of that, I wasn’t even sure WHAT to do and how to get started in the first place.

Feeling lost

These doubts and fears of transitioning and embracing a journey to discover what lights me up besides modelling, distracted me from growing into the best version of myself, creating my business and finding purpose after years of feeling lost.  

It can be confusing working in an industry full of ups and downs (See my TEDx Talk for more). 

As a model, you feel like you’re on top of the world when you’re booked for one job after another, get to travel the world, meet amazing people and have memorable experiences. But with all of these amazing aspects comes exposure to the other end of the spectrum – Times of no work, loss of identity beyond being a model and fear of “What will I do when I’m no longer doing this?”.

Although I loved the fun life and perks of my industry – even with the down sides – I couldn’t help but feel torn about fully committing to pursuing this career as a model or following my curiosities for other areas. 

I would find myself feeling like there was more to me than what I was doing, but was I really willing to abandon a life that so many people could only dream of?

Or was my need for purpose stronger than the comfort of the exhilarating life as a model?

Elles Ottens Rapid transformational therapist RTT therapist Empowerment coach self-hypnosis hypnotherapist hypnosis high performance

Could I do both?

I felt like I was at a crossroad.

The only thing I truly knew was that I didn’t want to resort to a traditional 9-5 job. I wanted something as unique as the life I was living as a model – Unconventional, exciting, and desirable – just with more purpose, identity and meaning. 

I set on a journey to find that balance and clarity for myself and build a purpose-driven business of my own. And that’s what has lead me to do what I do now: Helping models find direction and purpose in life, gain confidence in their abilities and embrace doing what they love.

Helping models finding clarity, break through limiting beliefs and finally go for the things they want makes me feel the happiness that I wish to help you achieve. After all, who are we to not go after what we desire in this one precious life? 

Only 1 spot left (last update 15th of December)

Elles Ottens Rapid transformational therapist RTT therapist Empowerment coach self-hypnosis hypnotherapist hypnosis high performance

What is the transformation program for models like?

The transformation program is for models who want to feel aligned with their values. For models who want to make a transition (or at least partly). It is for you if you want to help the world become a better place. No matter if you need to first gain clarity, or you already know what direction you want to go into. In this program you will overcome your limiting beliefs and gain confidence in your own abilities. The transformation program will fire you up to become the best version of you and to finally start tapping into your potential.

In this program you will

– Gain clarity on the direction you want to go into.
– Get 6 one-on-one coaching calls with me. (spread over a 3 month period) 
– Including a RTT (rapid transformational therapy) session with me, to break your limiting beliefs and rewire your brain for success. 
– Create weekly personalized action plans so you know exactly what to do.

You also receive

– A weekly follow up mail to keep you accountable in between every session.
– Email support in the weekdays, for whenever you feel stuck and need some help.

Your investment


This program is not meant for your if

– You want to get rich quick
– You don’t plan putting anything you learn into action
– You’re not showing up fully and are not willing to do the work.

The transformation program is by application only, spaces are limited.

Elles Ottens Rapid transformational therapist RTT therapist Empowerment coach

Hmmm sounds great, but...

I know how you feel. Last year I made quite a lot of investments in myself and even though I knew the money would come back to me, the moment of purchasing the investment felt scary. But hey, what if you wait? What will it cost you then? What if you can create a business besides modeling on which you have a lot more control than your modeling career. Because we all know that modeling brings a lot of uncertainty. However, creating your own business helps you generate another income in the long term.

I know what you mean, as I am also still working as a model. The great thing is; when you start to build up your own business, you get to decide your own hours. We will find a way to work around your schedule so will still be able to work as a model (if wanted), and to work on your business too. 

Don’t forget; you came here for a reason. Because you know that deep inside you are craving for change… If you are working many hours as a model and are not satisfied with your job, you know that something has to change… Remember; your life won’t change for the better without you changing it. Together we can create a solid plan for you, so you’ll still be able to work as a model, but also have time to setting up your own business.

Be honest with yourself, what brought you to this page? Do you want to create a business or movement that is aligned with your values and goals, or do you want to continue doing something that (perhaps) doesn’t even energize you? What will change if you don’t make a change? But also imagine, what will change if you DO take this step? What will your life look like 1 year from now? 

Besides that, not feeling ready, often has a lot to do with not feeling good enough (not smart enough, skilled enough, confident enough) to start something new. I know I certainly felt that way.. Working together with me, means that you will break through those old limiting beliefs. By investing in this program you can expect to develop your mindset immensely. How exciting!

Where has this brought you so far? Are you where you want to be right now? What was the reason that you came here anyway…? Think about these questions deeply.

Imagine where you could be if you could speed up the process. Imagine where you will be standing in just a few months if you have someone who teaches you how to break through your insecurities, keeps you accountable, creates a structured schedule with you and cheers you on.

Elles ottens

I am ready to level up my game! Let’s do this!

This program is by application only. Are you ready to transition and do you believe that the transformation program is something for you? Send me a message with your motivation and let me know why you want to follow this program. I only work with people who are willing to put in the work and are ready to level up their game. Because of this reason there is a selection round. This round, there are 3 spots left (*update 20th of April) Fill in the form down below, and I will contact you within 24 hours.

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