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Wednesday, 23th of August – 20:00 – 22:00 CEST

Re --> Set is the session you need to welcome in powerful motivation + momentum to the next 6 months of your business, and Beyond.

Frederique Bosma
Frederique BosmaFounder of Springstudio
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´The session really opens new doors and gives you insight to the questions that are often right in front of you´
Louise Lagendijk
Louise Lagendijk Founder The Core Women Care
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“Working with Juliet allowed me to make decisions and steer me in the direction of my soul.”
Antea Grabovac
Antea GrabovacInternational Fashion model
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´I’m very grateful I’ve experienced this session during a turning point in my life, because it filled me with clarity and made me less anxious about taking my next step!´

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What if we told you that after this session, you will... 


💎Dare to dream and achieve your audacious business goals (even the ones you feel right now seem soooo big and probably unrealistic?!)

😃 Jump out of bed with excitement for the day ahead in your business 

🕶️Feel spacious enough on weekends that you can fully relax and unwind because you know the bite-sized action steps you will be doing during the week are the ones that are moving the needle forward.

❤️‍🔥Start living in alignment with your heart’s mission by tapping into your subconscious + intuition

😴 Get quality sleep because you don’t spend half of your life worried and trying to control the direction of your business
(dancing girl emoji) Become playful, light and creative (aka the real you)

... all while achieving more clients, opportunities and naturally, money.

Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to a business that you feel proud of and excited to show up for every day. 

This session contains a deep hypno-meditation, personal reflections and provides you with the opportunity to connect to your and your business´ heart-led mission, vision and direction for the upcoming 6 months, and beyond. 

Prepare to leave the session feeling inspired to show up in your business again. It’s your time to shine! 

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The Re --> Set Session

23/08/2023 8PM - 10 PM CEST

The Session Flow

I. Welcome + Motivation Formula De-coded
II. Deep Clarity Hypno-Meditation Journey
III. Your 6 months Vision + Action Steps Defined
IV. Closing
Sophie Josephina
Sophie Josephina Polarity teacher
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“Juliet‘s intuition is spot on, and just being in her presence is like taking a warm bath.”
Madlyn Smyth
Madlyn SmythBusiness analyst and operations coach
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Working with Elles is one of the best decisions I've made! Tackling personal obstacles to then, in turn, reach professional clarity was such a powerful experience.
Ava Tamar
Ava TamarIntimacy mentor
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“Working with Juliet is the best investment I made this year.”

Meet Your Guides

Juliet Lippman

Juliet Lippman is a trusted mentor, guide, and confidante to leaders. Juliet's coaching style blends a naturally loving, accepting and intuitive approach with research based tools to empower and transform.

With hundreds of hours coaching over 500+ entrepreneurs in her private practice and an advanced masters in management from Yale School of Management, Juliet is eager and excited to serve you in experiencing business breakthroughs, healing and lasting change, with no topic left untouched.

Juliet currently works and lives between Amsterdam, New York and Miami.

Juliet headshot

Elles Ottens

Elles Ottens is a TEDx speaker, international Fashion model, hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT).

It is her mission to help ambitious go-getters level up their self-belief and manifest their biggest desires. Because the world will be a better place when you do so.

She has helped over 150+ entrepreneurs and highperformers level up their high performance game through clinical hypnotherapy and RTT. Elles has guided workshops in different countries which include Turkiye, the Netherlands and Spain.

Shoot Elles
2 hour workshop (500 value)
1 x hypnomeditation (49 value)
1 x self-confidence meditation (49 value)

starting questions to reflect (49 value)

YOU PAY 79: 


Note: due to technical issues, the enrol button doesn´t work in some occasions. If this happens, please send Juliet or Elles a message on instagram, and we´ll help you enrol.

Hmmm sounds great, but...

You are always in full control. All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis. Hypnosis is a very natural state. In fact, every day you reside in states of hypnosis. Think of hypnosis as a trance state in which you are fully in the moment, like when you are riding a bike, driving a car or are glued to your laptop because you´re binge watching your favorite netflix series. 

This trance state allows you to take in affirmations and suggestions fast, and therefore upgrade thought patterns and beliefs. That’s right, so it can influence your actions and behaviours in a positive way, and therefore change your life.

You don’t need to believe in it, just know the science behind it. Hypnosis is the fastrack to influence your subconscious mind. Neuroscience shows that 95 percent of everything you think, do and feel stems from your subconscious mind. In other words, almost everything you do happens without your conscious awareness. The power of hypnosis is that it brings you in a different brainwave state, which enables you to understand your limiting behaviours and beliefs. Behavioral change all starts with changing your thoughts. Through hypnosis you change your thought patterns, beliefs and therefore your actions.

That is no problem at all. The session will be recorded and you can rewatch whenever suits you, from the comfort of your home.

Note: due to technical issues, the button to enrol on doesn´t work in some occasions. If this happens, please send Juliet or Elles a message on instagram, and we´ll help you enrol.

1 review for The Re –> Set session

  1. Maria

    Elles is a truly gifted therapist. She blends her healing. Meditation and hypnotherapy skills beautifully in the re-set session. I went from zero self-belief & motivation to literally networking & planning my business idea straight away. Amazing & insightful session both personally & professionally. A must for anyone who has met their brick wall. You’ll just jump right over it and continue to fly.

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How will I receive my audio?
You will receive your audio by mail. Make sure to keep an eye on your mail inbox, including spam. Once you have received the audio, it is highly recommended to listen to it for 4 weeks, with headphones.
Tip: create a morning or evening routine that includes listening to your audio. The easiest way to form a habit is by creating a cue.

What if I am not happy with the audio?
If you are unhappy with the audio, there is a 14-day refund guarantee. Send us an email by hello@ellesottens.com and we will happily arrange a refund for you.

How does hypnosis work?
Hypnosis directly influences your subconscious mind. 95 percent of everything we think do and feel stems from our so to speak formed blueprint. This blueprint is formed in the early stages of childhood. The blueprint exists of the thoughts, behaviors and actions we learned from our parents, teachers, our experiences and society in general. Even though those beliefs and behaviors don’t serve us anymore, they stay with us if we don’t consciously work on it.
Hypnosis is the fastrack to influence your subconscious mind. It brings you in a different brainwave state, which allows your subconscious mind to take in new empowering beliefs easily. After listening to your audio for several weeks, you override your old limiting thought patterns with new empowering thought patterns. Behavioral change all starts with changing your thoughts. Through hypnosis you change your thought patterns, beliefs and therefore your actions.

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